Additional Services

Our bespoke plans are created to suit your priorities and your budgets.

Window Cleaning
  • Fully Trained

    We provide fully trained and equipped staff.

  • High Standards

    We clean commercial windows to impeccably high standards.

  • Purpose Built

    We use purpose built lightweight telescopic carbon fibre poles and 100% pure water

  • Safely

    We can clean windows up to 60 feet high safely from the ground.

  • Custom Made

    We provide custom-made signs

  • Behaviour

    Our signs can help enforce good hygiene behaviour

  • House Rules

    Our signs can help list “house rules” within your premises.

Health and Safety Products
  • Sanitiser Dispensers

  • Sanitiser

  • Face Masks

  • Disposable Gloves

  • Wall signs and posters

  • Bespoke signage

  • Sneeze Screens

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Washroom Services
  • Feminine Hygiene

    We provide a discreet, reliable and hygienic service and ensure your hygiene waste is disposed of in a sensitive and sustainable way.

  • Hand Care Services

    We provide an ongoing service to maintain a wide range of hand care products including manual and automatic soap dispensers and sanitisers.

  • Baby Changing Services

    We provide an ongoing reliable service to ensure nappy changing facilities are kept clean and hygienic.

  • Urinal Services

    Our range of urinal and cubicle services helps you to tackle bacteria and odours, creating a clean, hygienic and odour free environment

  • Consumables Service

    We provide all necessary consumables including soap, sanitiser, toilet roll, paper towels, washing up liquid, dishwasher tablets & bin liners.

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Domestic Cleaning
  • Domestic Cleaning

    We provide domestic cleaning services in southeast London only.

  • Unique

    Our cleaners are trained in our unique ABC rotation cleaning services. This means that different levels of cleaning will be applied in different areas of a property and rotated. so that over time every area of the property is getting a very thorough clean.

  • A-B-C Method

    Our A-B-C method ensures we clean your property thoroughly, but within the time you can afford.

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