Enhancing the lives of our staff through proper pay and good conditions

Our Awards

We were very proud to have won the London Region Award for the best Living Wage Employer for 2015 and to be the first domestic cleaning services recognised by The Living Wage Foundation.

We won our award because we genuinely value the benefits of paying our staff the London Living Wage. We encourage our clients to understand the importance of paying a little extra to help improve the living standards of their cleaners.

The Living Wage can mean the difference between just getting the government minimum and earning enough to afford the things people need to live, like a proper meal, a warm home and a birthday treat for their children.

 A good employer who pays a fair wage is a good company to do business with. How brilliant that a domestic cleaning company can prove that low wages are not necessary.
– Polly Toynbee (Columnist for the Guardian. Formerly BBC social affairs editor, columnist and associate editor of the Independent)

  I have stability, I am an employee and I have a contract with paid holidays, I feel like I am valued. I feel part of the “family.” The Living Wage makes a big difference: I feel that people really care. I earn more money so I can afford to enjoy small things like: celebrating my birthday.
– Mihaela Catana, Jane Jefferson Cleaning