Personalised cleaning plans and an ethical service.

Commercial Cleaning Services

We are committed to delivering an exceptional level of service and taking care of our staff.

We work with organisations who care about the quality of their working environment for staff and the experience of customers and clients who visit their premises.

The kind of organisations who believe in paying people fairly and feel that social issues and the environment are important to them.

We specialise in cleaning offices, event spaces, galleries and schools.

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unrivaled quality of cleaning


We deliver exceptionally high standards and provide a detailed project managed process to satisfy the specific needs and priorities of every client.

Using our unique A-B-C rotation system we establish the most productive and cost efficient cleaning methods for your premises. Essentially high traffic areas get greater and more frequent focus (A-clean) and all other areas are deeper cleaned over a period of time (B and C-clean). We regularly review our KPI’s and monitor our performance with both an internal system and in-situ post-clean checks. Exceptional cleaning is cornerstone of our business

General Commercial Cleaning

Our unique ABC cleaning delivers a highly efficient cleaning plan for your space with well-trained staff who are measured on performance at every level.

Deep Cleaning

We offer a deep cleaning service where extra time can be dedicated to thoroughly cleaning specific areas of your premises.


We provide a daytime service that includes caretakers, housekeepers, conference room attendants and porters.

Covid-19 Services

Our specialist cleaning plans can help your organisation to safely navigate through Covid-19

Specialist Floor Cleaning

Our specialist team and equipment enables us to clean all types of floors including vinyl, wood and stone. Making it look as good as new.

Carpet Cleaning

We cover all areas of carpet maintenance including general cleaning, stain removal, odour control, moth and other insect control and colour correction

Our unique cleaning solution

A–B–C Cleaning for Business

Our A-B-C system is a guide of how we can clean your premises. It allows us to prioritise our work and focus on the areas of cleaning that matter to you most. What we do varies by client– it’s dependant on size, hours allocated and the nature of the business. That’s why we are happy to create a tailor-made plan to suit your needs.


The A clean is a deeper clean of your commercial space. Thoroughly cleaning door frames, skirting boards, window frames, taking everything off all surfaces and thoroughly cleaning everything


The B-clean is a good general clean. It requires your cleaner to get behind and underneath furniture (if it’s safe to do so). To pick things up and clean underneath and in the corners.


The C-Clean is a quick dust and vacuum. It’s a clean that addresses the visible areas that need cleaning in the less used rooms in your premises.

Our cleaners use a mix of the A, B, & C-CLEAN and aim to rotate on each visit so that you achieve the best overall clean for your budget.

The Jane Jefferson Commitment

Our Four Key Objectives

  • Exceptional Cleaning

    Clean better than anyone else within the time our clients can afford.

  • Hard Work and Commitment

    We take pride in cleaning all properties as if they were part of our home.

  • Workers Rights

    Look after our workers through fair pay, rights and a positive environment to learn.

  • Sustainability

    We value the planet and aim to minimise our impact on the environment

If you want excellent standards of cleaning and great customer service from a supplier who genuinely values fair pay, worker rights and the planet – we would love to work together.


What our Commercial Clients Say

 Jane Jefferson Cleaning totally understand the care and attention required in our gallery and were willing to be flexible about the requirements of our young business. They have an excellent training scheme and pay the London Living Wage. We would highly recommend them.

Hannah Barry, Owner

 If you are looking for deep cleaning & sanitation services, solutions for reducing physical touch points at your premises, or will be re-tendering your cleaning contact I recommend you get in touch with Jenn and her lovely team. JJC are a valued partner of ours & have been painstakingly looking after our complex requirements for 2 years now. Plus they are a Living Wage Employer & use only ecological products. I have been consistently satisfied with the standard of work and customer care and am pleased to endorse them.

Tom Campbell,
Operations Director ICA

 I highly recommend Jane Jefferson Cleaning; they provide an excellent standard of cleaning, at very reasonable rates and are always quick to respond to questions. The core team are also very friendly and helpful. And it’s important to us that they pay all their staff London Living Wage.

Roanna Fawcett,
Operations Manager Makeshift

 Great team to work with, and Jenn’s commitment to the business and her clients is excellent. Highly recommended and certainly the best cleaning contractor we’ve worked with at Pop Brixton.

Elizabeth Price,
General Manager Pop Brixton

 Jane Jefferson Cleaning have provided cleaning services for Foupure for over 4 years. We really value their commitment to excellent cleaning standards and to how they look after their workers. Their staff are well trained and friendly and they are an ethical employer that pay the real London Living Wag. For great quality of work and value for money, you really can’t go wrong. We would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Chris Brown, Head of Retail
Fourpure Brewing
 HML are very happy with the cleaning services provided by Jane Jefferson Cleaning and we would recommend them to any potential client. Their management team are always helpful, and they offer competitive rates.

Sarah- Faye Pilgrim,
Property Manager HML Group

 Very lovely team, amazing communication. Always ready to listen and act right away. Thorough cleans and a great working attitude.

Khloe Bailey-Obazee,
General Manager Peckham Levels

 We’re been very happy with the service provided by Jane Jefferson. The cleaners are flexible, punctual, thorough and well-liked by staff. We’re proud to work with a London Living Wage accredited and ecologically friendly cleaning company and would certainly recommend them to anyone!

Julie Mumby,
Operations Director Share Action

 Shortly after becoming an accredited London Living Wage employer we were keen to find a cleaning company who also paid the Living Wage, not least because this sector has a reputation for poor rates of pay and bad working conditions. We were therefore delighted to find Jane Jefferson Cleaning, who provide a great service, with friendly and approachable staff who are prompt, reliable and effective at what they do.

Jamie Wallace, Director
Cannon & Cannon

 We have noticed a vast improvement in the cleanliness of our office since the team at Jane Jefferson started. The standard of work is high: the kitchens and bathrooms are spotless, and the floor is regularly and scrupulously hoovered. We’ve been impressed with how quickly the cleaners got to grips with the quirks of our building. They are well managed and professional. It was important to us to pick a cleaning company that treated its staff fairly, paying a living wage and offering holiday and sick pay. We couldn’t recommend Jane Jefferson highly enough

Victoria Hobbs
AMHeath Literary Agents

 We use Jane Jefferson Cleaning for our unique commissioning project space occupying the top floors of Peckham’s multi-storey car park. In particular JJC has helped us with the summer-long maintenance on our staircase commission, Simon Whybray’s “hi boo i love you”. They are thorough, reliable, and understand the need for flexibility and adaptability. It’s a pleasure to work with a company with such great ethics and which pays the London Living Wage!

Diana Cordoba Barrios, Managing Director
Bold Tendencies