Using the guidance of Public Heath England, we have developed specialist-cleaning plans and ensured that our highly trained teams can sanitise your business premises effectively.

We offer a wide range of solutions and can assess your premises to deliver a tailor made plan that helps your organisation to safely navigate through Covid-19 and other infectious diseases in your premises.

Our services cover premises that have either had a confirmed case of Covid-19 or companies who simply want to safe guard against Coronavirus when their staff and customers return to their buildings.

We can help your organisation to develop and maintain new standards of cleanliness and a much safer environment. Knowing you have regular and effective hygiene and sanitisation cleaning plans can provide huge reassurance to your company, employees, clients and customers.

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We tackle Covid-19 by employing two distinct processes

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The importance of a covid-19 cleaning programme

As a result of the global pandemic people are far more vigilant about the way they practise personal hygiene, disinfect touch points and carry out regular deep cleaning. All of which will help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Jane Jefferson cleaners fully understand the importance of sanitising all surfaces, touch points, floors, equipment and furniture properly – we are extremely thorough cleaners. Through our specialist deep cleaning programmes we are committed to delivering a level of expertise that gives peace of mind to you, your employees and your customers.

Any of our products or services should not be a replacement for good hygiene. Any business concerned about COVID-19 is to encourage and support regular cleaning regimes and a strong focus on hand hygiene. It is advisable to carry tissues to catch any coughs or sneezes and throw the tissues away once used.

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Our Process

To stop the spread of coronavirus, government officials and medical experts are strongly recommending any public place, work environment, school, university, restaurant or business premises is deep cleaned.

Our approach to Covid-19 is to Identify, Assess and Control Risk. We provide recommendations on how to make the work-place ready which are line with guidance from WHO, CDC and Public health England.

We ensure all surface areas and equipment is properly disinfected. We safely dispose of any materials that could have come in contact with the virus according to Public Health England guidelines.

Our “work–ready” cleaning plans include the use of high-quality protective equipment, specialist cleaning equipment and extensive deep cleaning techniques. We can also provide signage for hygiene education.

We use a third party, Peninsula, to keep us up to date with the latest health and safety recommendations and regulations and to audit our systems on an annual basis.



Protecting our frontline professionals as well our clients and their employees is a top priority. We offer a level of service with exceptional standards based on our health and safety policies. We adhere to the highest hygiene standards throughout our company. Our safe working practises include:

  • Adhering to the government approved social distancing measures

  • Strict use of all appropriate PPE equipment

  • Safe disposal of any single-use equipment and waste

  • Visiting your premise(s) when they are empty to reduce the risk of any unnecessary contact

  • Thorough cleaning of our equipment before and after each job

  • Upholding the highest hygiene standards throughout our company

  • Using detailed process sheets to ensure every area gets signed off and the correct PPE is used

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