Our Cleaners

Ensuring the wellbeing of our employees and finding the right people for our clients really matters to us. We want our staff to be with us for the long term.

We carefully select our team so that we only employ people who demonstrate great pride in the way they clean and want to grow their skills.

We have a thorough recruitment process, Checking ID’s and requesting references to help us build an experienced team and assure our clients that their property is in good hands.

We also pay great attention to health and safety for the benefit of workforce and clients. Our spot checks ensure that our standards are maintained at all times and help us motivate and reward our teams. There’s always a correct, safer and more productive way to clean and that’s what we strive to improve.

We offer regular training and reviews so the way we clean on the very first day we work for you, is the same standard we deliver on a regular basis. Our training includes cleaning around high value office equipment, and premium home furnishing and access to our “tool-box” videos.

We allocate cleaners to regular clients, so both our staff and our clients are familiar and happy with each other.

We believe in paying our employees fairly, because we value what they do and want to support and motivate them.

Stability, Proud, Respected

What our Cleaners Say

  I have stability, I am an employee and I have a contract with paid holidays, I feel like I am valued I feel part of the “family.” The Living Wage makes a big difference: I feel that people really care and see me as more than just as a cleaner. I earn more money so I can afford to enjoy small things like: celebrating my birthday. – Mihaela Catana

 My previous experience is hospitality, enjoyable but sadly underpaid. This has the effect of making you feel undervalued and unappreciated. Working for JJC is wonderful. JJC is professional, conscientious and caring not only to the customers but to the staff. I feel understood, valued and accepted as part of the team. The Living Wage has made life so much better not just for me, but my family. – Andrea Rontova

 For me working with Jane Jefferson cleaning is like a two way street. You can expect to get respected, always appreciated and a friendly and comprehensive working environment. All you have to do is provide the most professional and satisfying cleaning service for customers. – Barbara Costa

  I am more than happy to work for JJ Cleaning as it is a very well organized Company and with a friendly management and environment. I choose my working shifts and when I get paid with the Living Wage, I personally feel more appreciated! – Ilenia Totaro

  I like working at JJC. I feel my work is appreciated by Jenn and the clients I clean for. I like being able to work hours that suit my family life. It is brilliant that I am paid the Living Wage by many of my customers as it makes me feel my work is worthwhile and important. – Karen Fenn

  I feel very proud to be a part of Jane Jefferson Cleaning that pushes ethical values in an industry with lots of exploitation. I feel listened to and the company has safeguards in place where other companies do not. JJC is the best employer I’ve ever worked for and I really appreciate the opportunities that have arisen. – Arnold Shine

 I think that Jane Jefferson Cleaning in very good company to work for. I very much appreciate flexible working hours, which suits my needs, great pay rates and also remarkable support from management. I find myself lucky to be able to work for a professional company. – Monica Chiszko

  I have been with Jane Jefferson now for about a year. It’s a very happy, friendly company to work with. We are all part of a team, which feels like a big family. They care for you and appreciate the work you put in. The fact that you can get paid the London Living Wage is a great bonus as living in London can be so expensive, this makes a considerable difference at the end of the month. – Elisabete Pinto Albino