MAKING A POSITIVE difference in the cleaning industry

Our Values

Our Values

Jennifer O’Donnell

  From the moment I started Jane Jefferson Cleaning, I made a commitment to make positive change in a sector that is renowned for low wages, poor working conditions and little scope for advancement.

The pillars of our business focus on: impeccable cleaning, a personal level of customer service, fair pay, staff development and sustainability. Integrity and respect runs through all of our activities.

Our team are incredibly important to us. We hand pick every employee to give our clients the peace of mind that they have the best, most reliable cleaning service at all times.

We invest in fair pay and regular training because it’s important that our staff feel supported and motivated to do a great job. It’s why we’re proud work with the Living Wage Foundation.

We’re pro-actively re-educating the market and we do this with politicians, journalists, activists, peers, our cleaners and customers. We’ve contributed to the Matthew Taylor report on Modern Day Working Practices and Sir David Metcalfe’s review into exploitation in the workplace.

To be cited at the House of Commons as an example of how big business should operate motives us to continue to challenge the sector and drive change.

I’m honoured that our work is winning awards and that together with our clients and team, we make a positive impact in London.

Jennifer O’Donnell

Our Inspiration

Jane Jefferson is the grandmother of our founder Jennifer O’Donnell and the inspiration behind the name of our brand.

In 1927, Jane went into service, as a housemaid at Lytham Hall in Blackpool. During her years in service, she was known for her exceptionally high cleaning standards, her integrity and her belief in worker rights.

Jane’s influence sowed the seed for Jennifer to create a company that would mirror Jane’s impeccable cleaning standards and ensure that their staff could progress both at work and in their lives.

Jane Jefferson’s work ethic and respect for people continues to inspire the business we operate today. She is the reason that we promote cleaning as dignified career that should be valued appropriately.