A Reputation for Great Service and Good Ethics

Professional Cleaning for Business and Homes

We provide professional cleaning services for business premises and homes. We focus on giving you excellent standards of cleaning with a diligent and reliable team who take care of your property.

Our work is tailored to satisfy your specific needs, so that we clean in the most cost efficient way. No matter what type of property we clean, every job follows our strict process. That’s why we confidently provide you with a record of the work we do on every visit we make.

We’ve built our reputation in commercial and domestic cleaning by providing a great service and doing business ethically. It’s something we’ve been recognised for in Parliament and by the Living Wage Foundation.

Clients love our personal service, attention to detail and our passion to do a great job on each and every visit. We are open and honest and enable both our staff and clients to raise concerns if they feel our service is unsatisfactory.

We are deeply committed to paying the Living Wage. We know that it makes a big difference to the lives of the people we employ. Our clients tell us it also makes a big difference to the quality of cleaning they receive. There’s nothing like getting a fair day’s pay for a fair days work.

The Jane Jefferson Commitment

Our three key objectives

  • Exceptional Cleaning

    Clean better than anyone else within the time our clients can afford.

  • Hard Work and Commitment

    Approach all cleaning as if the property were an extension of our own home. We do this with good old-fashioned hard work, and the commitment & pride in getting a good job done.

  • Workers Rights

    Look after our workers through fair pay, rights and a positive environment to learn.

Choosing to work with Jane Jefferson Cleaning enables you to make an ethical consumer choice.

If you value high standards, great customer service and you’d like to work with a company who takes care of its staff then we would love to hear from you.