Personalised cleaning plans and an ethical service.

For Business

We work with SME’s who care about the quality of their working environment for staff and the experience of customers and clients who visit their premises. SME’s who believe in paying people fairly and feel that social issues are important to them.

Our work is tailored to satisfy your specific needs, so that we clean in the most cost efficient way. No matter what type of property we clean, every job follows our strict process. That’s why we confidently provide you with a record of the work we do on every visit we make.

Our clients range from offices, law firms, finance and media companies, galleries and schools to independent food and drink retailers and pubs.

We know that every company has different needs, so we offer site visits to assess the work required. We make recommendations based on our clients’ priorities and budget. Our personalised cleaning plans ensure that we offer the most cost efficient service for every business.

We conduct regular reviews from the moment we start, to ensure that our high standards are always maintained.

We identify the areas that need frequent cleaning and we focus on priorities, with daily, weekly and periodic tasks. We do this so our clients achieve an optimum level of cleaning in the most time efficient way. We call it our A-B-C cleaning system.

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Our unique cleaning solution

A–B–C Cleaning for Business

Our A-B-C system is a guide of how we can clean your premises. It allows us to prioritise our work and focus on the areas of cleaning that matter to you most. What we do varies by client– it’s dependant on size, hours allocated and the nature of the business. That’s why we are happy to create a tailor-made plan to suit your needs.


The A clean is a deeper clean of your commercial space. Thoroughly cleaning door frames, skirting boards, window frames, taking everything off all surfaces and thoroughly cleaning everything


The B-clean is a good general clean. It requires your cleaner to get behind and underneath furniture (if it’s safe to do so). To pick things up and clean underneath and in the corners.


The C-Clean is a quick dust and vacuum. It’s a clean that addresses the visible areas that need cleaning in the less used rooms in your premises.

Our cleaners use a mix of the A, B, & C-CLEAN and aim to rotate on each visit so that you achieve the best overall clean for your budget.


What our Commercial Clients Say

 Jane Jefferson Cleaning totally understand the care and attention required in our gallery and were willing to be flexible about the requirements of our young business. They have an excellent training scheme and pay the London Living Wage. We would highly recommend them.

Hannah Barry, Owner

 Our office is full of high value equipment so we work with Jane Jefferson Cleaning knowing their staff are carefully selected to approach our cleaning contract with the highest level of care and precision it needs. We appointed them because of their outstanding level of service , their on-going staff training and their ethical approach to pay

Lionel Cherruault, Director

 Their standard of cleaning is exceptional. It’s reassuring to know how well trained and prepared the staff are at Jane Jefferson Cleaning as hygiene and having a spotless working environment is a top priority for us. What makes them stand out is there traditional cleaning skills, friendly staff, reliability and their ethical focus. We definitely recommend them.

Emily Smith, Office Manager
Fourpure Brewing
 We use Jane Jefferson Cleaning for our unique commissioning project space occupying the top floors of Peckham’s multi-storey car park. In particular JJC has helped us with the summer-long maintenance on our staircase commission, Simon Whybray’s “hi boo i love you”. They are thorough, reliable, and understand the need for flexibility and adaptability. It’s a pleasure to work with a company with such great ethics and which pays the London Living Wage!

Diana Cordoba Barrios, Managing Director
Bold Tendencies

 Shortly after becoming an accredited London Living Wage employer we were keen to find a cleaning company who also paid the Living Wage, not least because this sector has a reputation for poor rates of pay and bad working conditions. We were therefore delighted to find Jane Jefferson Cleaning, who provide a great service, with friendly and approachable staff who are prompt, reliable and effective at what they do.

Jamie Wallace, Director
Cannon & Cannon

 Jane Jefferson are highly reliable and always deliver an excellent standard of service. They spot the things other cleaners normally miss and make a noticeable difference to our offices every day. We’re impressed by their training and fair pay policy and how much they value their staff. It clearly makes an impact on the quality of cleaning we receive.

Jane Middlehurst, Director
Poulsom Middlehurst