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Our domestic clients are busy professionals and families who want their homes cleaned to the high standard that they would do themselves.

Our thoroughly trained staff means that our clients can have beautifully tidy homes, no matter how busy they are. We have a rigorous recruitment policy, which means that we only appoint a cleaner who has actually cleaned in our own home!

We know that every home has different needs so use our unique A-B-C cleaning system, to provide the most efficient service for every client.

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Designed to focus on the areas of cleaning that matter

A–B–C Cleaning for Homes

Our A-B-C system is a guide of how we can clean your home. It allows us to prioritise our work and focus on the areas of cleaning that matter to you most. What we do varies on the size of your home and hours allocated. Our cleaners use a mix of the A, B, & C-CLEAN and aim to rotate on each visit so that you achieve the best overall clean for your budget.


The A-Clean is like a spring clean without going into the cupboards. This is usually on request as it can take a long time to do properly. Once your cleaner gets used to your home she or he may find time to apply some A-Cleans in certain rooms.


The B-clean is a good general clean. It’s what we’d expect a cleaner to do in our own home. It requires your cleaner to get behind and underneath furniture (if it’s safe to do so). The B-Clean will always be done in kitchens and bathroom, followed by other rooms of your choice.


The C-Clean is a quick dust and vacuum. It’s a clean that addresses the visible areas that need cleaning in the less lived-in rooms.


What our Domestic Customers Say

  We have been using Jane Jefferson cleaning for many years. They are friendly, reliable, professional and we have a cleaner of the highest standard. It is really important for us that our cleaning company has a commitment to fair standards and wages of those they employ. I recommend them to anyone as a company. – Jenny Wales, SE15

 We have been using Jane Jefferson for more than two years and are really happy with the service. As people who are naturally very messy, it is great to have a cleaner who leaves the flat sparkling every time. I really appreciate the efforts that the owner goes to make sure her company is ethical and treats cleaners fairly by paying them London living wage and hiring them as employees rather than ‘self-employed contractors’ with little rights, as other cleaning companies do. – Ellen Robertson, SE15

  I’ve been with JJC since it started because I liked their approach and ethos. Not long after they championed the living wage. I wasn’t sure how much it was relevant to me personally in my cleaning. I realise that you what you give is what you get, hence, the JJC cleaners in return are loyal and trustworthy and take a lot of pride in the cleaning of our homes which directly improves the care of our family. Thank you! – Ani Tertzakian, SW4

  We have been using Jane Jefferson for the last few years, it is the best service we have ever had. We have had the same cleaner and the standard of cleaning is very good. They offer a reliable service, staff are well trained, polite and really do an excellent job. The administration is excellent, someone is always available to help with any queries. We would not ever change our service, we are so happy with what has been done. – Katie McDonald, SE14

  I read an article about the prevalence of cleaners working in London who aren’t paid close to the living wage. So began the quest for a cleaning company committed to better wage practices. I’ve been thrilled with the service from this company. To have someone really give the place a good going-over every fortnight is a luxury. I trust her completely, and am totally happy for her to have our keys. It is a fraction more costly that some competitors, but it’s a price worth paying to know a living wage is being paid. – Clare Morality, SE16

  I have had two cleaners over a period of two years with Jane Jefferson Cleaning Services and both have been excellent. Every week has been a brilliant cleaning job and I can’t wait to come home after the clean! Both women have constantly used their initiative and taken care of everything and I am a fussy person. Highly recommend. – Jenny White, SE15

  I’ve been a client of JJC for a few years now, and I’m very pleased with the level of service that they provide. JJC is different: all cleaners are employees, which means that the company takes a greater responsibility and the quality of outcomes is up to scratch. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who wants to deal with a straightforward, ethical company. – Pedro Wrobel, SE15

  As someone with a fair degree of OCD and a proud homeowner, I’d always struggled with getting value for money and clarity of expectations, until we discovered this local South London firm. Jenn, the founder visited us in person to discuss our requirements. We use Paola, simply the best cleaner we’ve ever had! Paola cleans our house weekly and on rotation does specific tasks ,that previous cleaners seemed to always neglect. After finding JJC over two years ago we’ve never looked back! – Will Handley, SE27