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In March this year, Jane Jefferson Cleaning, like most other business’ was thrown into disarray once the Coronavirus started to hit the UK.

With an impending lockdown, most of our daily cleaning services were brought to a halt and  many of our workers were put onto the furlough scheme.

Whilst many of our clients looked to find ways to support us, Jane Jefferson Cleaning had to adapt to continue to thrive.

With the benefit of hindsight, it is easy to wonder why there was so much anxiety around what our future would look like. As experts in cleaning services, our community would rely on us to provide effective infection control solutions and collaboration would become more important than ever.

We shook ourselves down and put our heads together.

For the last 6 months we have been working in partnership with Restoreo and Nano-Care to deliver a unique antimicrobial surface coating to our clients that has revolutionised the approach to surface protection and has become increasingly significant in reducing the risk of transmission of bacteria and viruses.

Imagine a normal cleaning regime whereby a cleaner has just cleaned a surface with anti-bacterial/viral disinfectant spray. As soon as someone comes along and touches that surface, the chemicals will come off onto that person’s hand and the surface is no longer protected until it is cleaned again.

This coating is unique in that is uses nanotechnology to combine an antimicrobial ingredient with quartz so that it produces a self-disinfecting seal on whatever surface it has been sprayed on. This seal means that the coating will continue to work whilst the surface is touched multiple times.

It is can be used on most surfaces including wood, metal, glass, ceramics, plastic, touch screens and fabric and is perfect for high touch point areas.

This enhanced protection works 24/7 killing bacteria and viruses and has been tested on TGEV Coronavirus. Influenza A, MRSA, E coli, Salmonella and other bacteria and viruses.

It typically lasts for 1 year on high touch point areas and can last for the lifetime on other surfaces.

Nanotechnology does not contain Fluro-carbons and it reduces the need for future chemical cleaning of the surface (it can be cleaned with a microfibre cloth and water or gentle detergent). This can help our clients meet both environmental objectives and reduce costs of future cleaning regimes i.e. the surface will not require such frequent cleaning.

This service is something that we encourage our clients to shout about and to communicate well to anyone who uses or visits their premises. It gives peace of mind that the risk of infection on site has been significantly reduced.

We also provide stickers for the surfaces that are treated and will work with our clients on further communication.

The surfaces treated can be tested to ensure ongoing efficacy and this is particularly important at the end of 1 year.

Many of our clients are now using this service and with our ongoing regular and enhanced cleaning services we are committed to protecting the community we serve.

Check out our video below where this was recently applied at a gallery and events space in central London. This service was considered key by the client in reducing the risk of transmission on their premises.

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